Welcome, internet traveller, to my humble blog. You must be weary from your journey so take a seat, make yourself at home. I’m Josh, and this is my blog. I used to post on a Blogger blog, but now I’m moving all my stuff here so I have a nicer-looking, easier to edit site to post all my things on. My old blog is where I first got into games writing, so it’s sad to see it go, but at the same time it looked hideous and Blogger was a pain to work with, so it won’t be missed too much. I’ll be gradually moving all my content over here anyway, regardless of how cringeworthy or painful it is to re-read, but I’ll mark it with an Archive category, and mark the original date it was published, so you can tell apart the old stuff from the new. I think it’s important to keep a record of all my work, which is why I’ll rarely delete anything I’ve posted online, even if I hate it later on.

If you want to follow my other work, you can do so at:


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